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When You Want To Talk About A Reverse Mortgage,
In Colorado; Who Are You Gonna Call?

You Can Call Tom

But I Don't Think He'll PIck-Up

Tom has done a great service for the Reverse Mortgage Loan program. He has added his credibility and his celebrity. My clients like Tom and they like his commercials. But they call Mark.
Contact Mark

If you can't reach Tom, Mark will take your call
In Colorado 720-206-4539

You Can Call Mark

Mark Will PIck-Up or Call Right Back

The big lenders have call centers and add campaigns. Remarkable Mortgage is just you working with me. In Colorado, call me: 720-206-4539
Contact Mark

Mark Allen Schmidt. "The Local Guy Who Makes Things Simple"

Colorado Reverse Mortgage Specialist: 720-206-4539

  1. Mark will handle your Reverse Loan from start to finish.
  2. Mark can make personalized deals the big guys can’t.
  3. Mark will open and close your loan at your kitchen table.
  4. Mark will still take your call after your loan is closes.

Tom represents AAG, I've done many Reverse Mortgage loans with AAG
You can get to Tom's people by calling Mark 720-206-4539

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