Remarkable Mortgage

Video By A Few Of My Clients, Colleagues & Friends

Karen & Richard

I got a call from a Financial Advisor friend, he said, “I have this couple who need to retire right away. The husband was injured and can’t work any longer. Can you help with a Reverse Mortgage?”

“Let’s talk a look and see.” I replied

Two months later, we closed on their Reverse Mortgage.


Kathy from Littleton CO

By the time I met Kathy, she was in danger of loosing her home. In the video she mentions, “some problems…” yes, there were some issues but we were able to overcome them all. Now she can stay in her home for the rest of her life without worrying about a monthly, mortgage, payment.

Hazel from Aurora, CO

Hazel and I knew each other from a networking group (one business connection) For about I year we talked about Reverse Mortgages, then one day her daughter called and said, “Mom, you should consider a Reverse.” The next week she made a counseling appointment.

Pres & Mary from Denver, CO

I was introduced to Pres and Mary by their daughter, Priscilla Koch, a Colorado Realtor.  They had an existing Reverse Mortgage and wanted to see if their could both lower their monthly cost, and take out some cash for home repairs. We were able to do both.

To contact Priscilla Koch, an outstanding Colorado Realtor: Call 720-291-8567

Joe Lutz, Colorado CPA

Joe owns a small business CPA firm in Denver, CO. He also understands the value and purpose of Reverse Mortgages. 

Home of the premium small business package.  Visit Joe on the web at

Terrie B. Colorado residential Realtor

Terrie B. is a Colorado Residential Realtor, and a friend of mine. She understands what a Reverse Mortgage for purchase has to offer her 62+ clients. 

You can contact Terri at: 303-717-8614

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