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By Scott Gordon; Founder & CEO of Open Mortgage

Mr. Gordon has given Remarkable Mortgage permission to offer his fantastic book to our readers. This book covers every aspect of the FHA Reverse Mortgage is a clear and cogent manner.

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Scott Gordon Author, Speaker, CEO Open Mortgage

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From National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association; Solid ideas!

Salary replacement – Buy a home – Longevity insurance – Grandchildren’s college – Credit card debt – Cash reserves 

A Toolkit For Choosing The Right Home Environment

Are you in the right home? Is it the best place for you to age? And if not, what are your options?

The Official (HUD approved) Reverse Mortgage Consumer Booklet

this booklet is designed to help older adults understand their range of options, including Reverse Mortages

Your Reverse Mortgage will be paid back when you reach what is called a Maturity event.

When you sell your home, When you pass away, no longer live in the home (more than 12 months)

You should ask yourself the following questions before proceeding with your loan application:

How do you intend to use your Reverse Mortgage proceeds? How will your Reverse loan be repaid?

Reverse Mortgages are either a fixed rate,(no line of credit) or an adjustable rate loan (with a line of credit)

Financial Planners Section

Today’s Reverse Mortgages: Flexible, with a lot of built-in protection. Are there risks involved in taking out a reverse mortgage?

This paper compares the relative strengths of working longer vs. saving more in terms of increasing a household’s affordable, sustainable…

Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA;  Joe Tomlinson, FSA, CFP; Steve Vernon, FSA

Realtors Section

The FHA-insured HECM for Purchase (H4P) can be a key ingredient in providing a way for your
clients aged 62 and older to buy a home that better fits their lifestyle, without a monthly
mortgage payment.*

A HECM for purchase allows seniors, 62 or older to purchase a principal residence using the loan proceeds from a Reverse Mortgage

A HECM for purchase is an amazing opportunity for Realtors to grow their purchase business with Senior homebuyers

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