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Chico (Ken) Arellano: The Realtor Saint Of Downtown Denver

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Colorado Reverse Mortgage Stories By Mark Allen Schmidt

Chico & Mark We've done a few amazing deals together

Chico (Ken) Arellano: The Realtor Saint Of Downtown Denver

"When I first met Chico, he said, "Mark, let's see if I can help you do some business."

Mark Allen Schmidt

I met Chico when he was one of two realtors who showed up for my CE (continuing education) class for Colorado Realtors. I was about five minutes into my presentation when Chico asked me, “Are we going to talk about buying a home with a Reverse Mortgage?”

“Yes we are, I said. “I’d planned on covering that later in the class, but if it’s alright with both of you, we can jump to that topic.” The other realtor (who specializes in the Denver Korean-American community) said, “Good with me.”

I've done a number of workshops for Realtors on how a Reverse Mortgage can help them grow their business by a few deals a year.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that Chico knew a great deal about Reverse Mortgages. But, when we started talking about the H4P (home equity conversion mortgage for purchase program) I could tell he understood what the Reverse for Purchase program has to offer.

He understood that the Reverse Mortgage for purchase program could help people buy more home with less money than they could imagine. (link to H4P information) After I got to know him I learned that he had a plan for helping people in the Urban Denver area purchase the houses they dreamed about. 

When I say Chico had a plan for “helping” people, that plan included helping in ways very few other professionals would do.

View of downtown Denver from the 18th floor. Photo Mark Allen Schmidt

Chico has a solid plan for getting people into the home of their dreams.

That plan revolves around helping people to put their current house in order. Putting their house in order might include, but is by no means limited to;

-Helping to upgrade a kitchen;

-Fix a broken window;

-Change out a toilet;

-Re-roof their home;

-Painting or doing whatever was needed to their homes.

 He patiently educates them on the market value of their homes.

Once their “Homes are in order” he begins to show them how much money they would need to have to buy their dream home using a Reverse Mortgage. When the time is right (that may take a year) he introduces my to his people. Together we sit down and talk through the entire Reverse Mortgage purchase process.

Sometimes Chico will work with a client for a year or two. He does whatever is best for them. Sometimes he even gets paid.

Unless you know him well, and even then he probably won’t tell you what he’s up to, you’d never know the lengths Chico goes to in helping people resolve their real estate and personal issues. This is why Chico (Ken) Arellano is the Realtor Saint of Downtown Denver.  

My First Deal With Chico

You might find a few realtors who go above and beyond the scope of their practices to help clients who intend to pay them for their services. But you won’t find many realtors who will help the family member of a former client, especially if that family member doesn’t have the ability to pay him for the work he does. Here’s a Chico & Mark Story I’ll call, “Sally, the widow who believed for the best.” 

   Read More  “Sally, the widow who believed for the best.”

Contact Chico: 720-300-7253

Mark Allen Schmidt

Mark is the host of Remarkable & author of The Remarkable Reverse Mortgage Stories
Mark is a Colorado Reverse Mortgage Secialist. NMLS 846014 CO 100037582
720-206-4539  AKA...The Prime Guy

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