Mark Allen Schmidt: Founder & Broker

I've been playing guitar for almost 5 decades.

I became a Mortgage Originator in my early 50’s. My parents owned their home, free and clear but they were short on monthly money. 

I did some research for them and read about a Reverse Mortgage. We had a meeting with a Reverse Mortgage specialist.

At the end of that meeting my parents decided to do a Reverse, and I started a new career; I wanted to do Reverse Mortgages. 

I started in a mortgage call-center, became a broker then founded Remarkable Mortgage so I could personally handle your loan.  

My Areas Of Expertise:

  • I have originated more than 100 Reverse Mortgages in Colorado. Reverse Mortgages are my passion and the main reason I am a Mortgage Broker. Talk with me about a Reverse refinance (The home you currently live-in.) A Reverse Purchase loan (The home you want to live-in.)
  • I am well-versed in all the traditional “forward” mortgage programs: Conventional, VA, FHA, USDA and even some other “non-traditional” options. 
  • Are you doing a “Fix & Flip?” I can advise and connect you with a lender who will does unsecured “signature” loans, and I can also help you find secured “hard-money” for your investment project.  
  • If you live in another state or are moving from Colorado, I know fantastic brokers (Reverse & Forward) who can help all across the fruited-plain of America. I’m more than happy to introduce you. 
  • I also know lots of fine realtors, contractors and financial advisers. I’d be happy to connect you with a few of them.
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