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Demystifying Reverse Mortgage Interest?

You mentioned the interest rate for a Reverse Mortgage is about the same as the current 30 year mortgage. So that means I would be paying about 7% on the money in my line of credit, is that right? I figure that would be about $3,000 a month.”

“A month!” I said. “I don’t follow. Where’d you get that number?”

“The interest on my entire line of credit would be about $3,000 a month, wouldn’t it?”

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I think Dave Ramsey is a national treasure. We have followed and benefited from his wisdom over the years. If I agreed with everything he says about Reverse Mortgages, I couldn’t be in this business. 

With that understanding, let’s look at what I consider to be deal “maker or breaker” issues.

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"Inheritance Plans & Reality: The Reverse Mortgage Disconnect...

One Big Bug-A-Boo…

One of the big “bug-a-boo’s” about a Reverse Mortgage is the, “spending our children’s inheritance” narrative. This article is consistent with my conversations with a number of parents and their adult children about their home. This is a Remarkable moment when “I couldn’t have said it better myself…”

The article I’ve linked is by Shannon Hicks, of Well worth the read.

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"I'm old enough and smart enough; A Real Reverse Mortgage Story.

It is often said, “A Reverse Mortgage is complicated and hard to understand.” My response is, “Have you ever talked with someone who has a Reverse Mortgage?” They understand. 

A Reverse Mortgage is the only personal financial decision that requires professional counseling.  

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Paying Colorado Property Taxes On A Fixed Income

In April I wrote a check for my Arapahoe County property taxes, It was about 30% more than last year.

And I am not the only Colorado senior who is feeling the pinch of higher property taxes and Home insurance rates. What can you do?

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Reverse Mortgage fees, costs & charges: The Beautiful Bottom Line

  • A Reverse Mortgage Costs between 2.75 to 3.5% Of Your Homes Value (+or -)

    Yes, a Reverse Mortgage costs more than a traditional or “forward” mortgage, but not by much. A rule of thumb for a HECM (home equity conversion mortgage) is about 2.75 to 3.5% (plus or minus) of your homes appraised value.

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"Now What; Beg, Borrow Or Sell?"

  • When there is too much month left at the end of the money.
  • When something you need breaks and your repair plan is broken.
  • When an emergency arrives after you emergency funds have departed.
  • When you simply want to live a simple life and need a simple solution.
  • When the one you love is gone.

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"Do you see a downside to a Reverse Mortgage?"

Over the years I’ve had a number of people tell me they are not interested in a Reverse Mortgage. When I hear that, I ask this, “Could you please tell me why you’re not interested in a Reverse Mortgage?”

Here are some of the reasons people are “Not Interested”. I’ve discovered their “Cons” are based on some strong convictions. 

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You get some money and the bank takes your home

When I started in this business, that statement was the most common misconception about a Reverse Mortgage…

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This is too good to be true...Reverse Mortgage Story

That statement is a wonderful place to start. Over the years, at some point in the conversation, I’ve heard that from at least 40+ borrowers. 

They usually say that about the time the enormity of the opportunity offered by a Reverse Mortgage sinks in. 

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How to decipher a Reverse Mortgage Proposal

The first step in the Reverse Mortgage Process is a HUD mandated counseling appointment. 

We will send you a Reverse Mortgage Proposal that will give you the contact information for counseling, and a lot of other useful information.