Inheritance Plans & Reality: The Reverse Mortgage Disconnect…

One Big Bug-A-Boo…

One of the big “bug-a-boo’s” about a Reverse Mortgage is the, “spending our children’s inheritance” narrative. This article is consistent with my conversations with a number of parents and their adult children about their home. This is a Remarkable moment when “I couldn’t have said it better myself…”

The article I’ve linked is by Shannon Hicks, of Well worth the read.

The Disconnect Between Parent’s Inheritance Plans and Reality

“One of the common objections to Reverse Mortgages is the homeowners’ desire to leave the home to their adult children. The strong emotional bonds are felt by both their aging parents who raised their children in the home and the childhood memories of their adult children.

So how likely are adult children to keep the home they inherited? Truth be told there’s typically a disconnect between the parent’s well-intentioned plans and reality…”

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Another good article by Shannon Hicks on the topic: The Inheritance Illusion

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