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This is a recent review from a client and new friend. The text is small so I'll write it out for you.

“Remarkable is right. I had a very good experience and I would recommend Remarkable Mortgage to anyone in need of a Reverse Mortgage. Mark is professional, friendly and the best value I found. Thanks again Mark!!!”

My Response:

“Hi Barbara. It was a joy working with you. It is also nice that you found me on ‘Google my business‘ site. I wish you all the best. Mark”

My Presentation For Aspen Commercial Lending.

Mark Schmidt, the Owner of Remarkable Mortgage opens his presentation with a theme song: “When I’m 64.” The rest of the presentation is not musical, but rather memorable.

Colorado Reverse Mortgage Conversations.

“All The Benefits, and None Of The Risks,” of owning a home. I had a conference call with a lady and her two sons. We talked for more than an hour about a Reverse Mortgage for their mom. When they rang off, I called her back and this is what she asked me…


Colorado Reverse Mortgage Conversations.

A gentleman came to my home to replace a door. We got to talking and before he was finished I asked his this question, “Would you be able to retire if you could retire your current mortgage?”

He said, “Yes I would. And my wife as well.

He’s going to talk with his wife then get back to me.   


How Possibilities Displace Panic

I can help, and this is all I need. Age, and an approximate home value. Give me that and I’ll put together a simple Reverse Mortgage quote.

Here’s one I got recently. Age: 84 Home Value: $695,000

Simple Quote: How much they can get: $471,000 How much the deal will cost: $16,700

That made them very, very happy when they saw the possibilities. That’s how I can help.

If you have a client, a loved one or maybe you’d like to know some Reverse Mortgage numbers, send me an email or a message.

(these are only estimates, not a loan commitment)

Mark Allen Schmidt

Owner & Broker Remarkable Mortgage

I started Remarkable Reverse Mortgage to cut out “The Middle Man.” I work directly with my borrowers, and with Financial Professionals. You’ll get the straight story, superior service and you’ll likely save some real money on your loans.



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