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Reverse Foreclosure Risk

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Why Wait Till You're Gone

Why Some Are Uninterested

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Are Reverse Mortgages Complicated?

Transferring Wealth In A Reverse Mortgage

One Big Bug-A-Boo… One of the big “bug-a-boo’s” about a Reverse Mortgage is the, “spending our children’s inheritance” narrative. This article is consistent with my conversations with a number of parents and their adult children

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I think Dave Ramsey is a national treasure. We have followed and benefited from his wisdom over the years. If I agreed with everything he says about Reverse Mortgages, I couldn’t be in this business. 

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A Reverse Mortgage Costs between 2.75 to 3.5% Of Your Homes Value (+or -) Yes, a Reverse Mortgage costs more than a traditional or “forward” mortgage, but not by much. A rule of thumb for

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I had a quick conversation with a gentleman after a One Business Connection meeting. (A networking organization we both are part of) He has listened to my “elevator pitch” on Reverse Mortgages for a couple

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In April I wrote a check for my Arapahoe County property taxes, It was about 30% more than last year. And I am not the only Colorado senior who is feeling the pinch of higher

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The Three Questions I Ask Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Even to the most savoy seniors, a Reverse Mortgage is still a mystery. Sometimes I wonder if the lore is stronger than the truth. The HECM (home

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You work with the same broker from start to close. Our company is agile and profitable, we make deals other companies don’t. When you win, we all win. That’s the result we strive for.

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